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Why Central Reservations System (CRS)


No two hotels operate identically and the difference is even more evident when comparing different chain hotel groups and their expectations of a Central Reservations System.

As a result of many years' experience in deploying Central Reservations solutions, the GuestCentrix CRS can be deployed according to the wide area network environment preferred by our hotel clients.

The GuestCentrix CRS is built on a set of Microsoft SQL Server Databases that provide for the storage of common data such as Company, Travel Agent, Wholesaler records, Guest Profiles, Rate Codes etc in a central database to reliably provide accurate group wide comparisons and consolidation of data. Alongside the central database, is a separate database for each hotel to allow for configuration of reference tables such as rooms to be customised for each hotel.

Associated with the CRS is also a central reporting database. This Central Information System (CIS) provides for centralised reporting for a range of statistics, forecasts and financial reports.

Features Include

  • Availability search by Property, Style, Region, Location, Standard or Grade
  • Hotel Maps, images and floor plans available to CRS operators
  • Ability to maintain a single profile, across the hotel group for guest history, corporate, travel agent, wholesaler & accounts receivable profiles
  • The underlying Microsoft SQL server databases are configured so that the GuestCentrix CRS can process reservations, availability searches or reporting across all hotel databases as if they were one
  • Central Reporting tools, to view and compare hotels, combine AR balances and monitor availability