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  • G-Pad has been designed around the iPad, and provides users with access to essential information on each of their hotels, quickly and easily.
  • G-Pad integrates directly with GuestCentrix PMS.
  • Versatile, lightweight and easy to use, G-Pad is the ideal tool for executives who want property information at their fingertips at any time.


  • G-Phone has been designed to run on an touch screen phone, and provides you with access to essential information on each of your hotels, quickly and easily.
  • It connects you to your GuestCentrix system, where you will be required to log in, with a User name and Password that you choose.
  • Navigation is via a simple menu on the touch screen, which takes you to each application with a single click.
  • To get back to the menu you click the logo button in the top left of the screen, it's that simple.


  • GuestCentrix's G-Queue WebApp has been designed around the iPad, and provides you with essential information to enable you to handle check-in processing without being tied to the reception desk. It's a queue buster!
  • The main screen shows the expected check-ins for the specified day, so that users can quickly locate the reservation of the guest that they wish to check in.
  • Just click the Check-In button to check-in the guest.
  • If you have an electronic door locking system you will then be prompted for the number of keys, and any other essential information.
  • The Check-In is then completed quickly and easily, and you will receive a message confirming that the Check-In has been successfully completed, and the keys can be handed to the guest.


  • GuestCentrix's Housekeeper WebApp has been designed around the iPad, and provides the housekeeping executive with up to the second information about the rooms in the hotel.
  • A key benefit of Housekeeper is the time it will save your staff. Rather than having to go back to the office to update room statuses, or call reception etc. this can be done in real time with a simple push of a button.
  • Users are able to view rooms via floor, room number, room type and occupancy status. Room Attendant Scheduling is also available via the iPad. This allows users to see what rooms have been allocated to staff for cleaning.
  • Apart from the key housekeeping component of room status updates Housekeeper also provides information on Arrivals, Departures, Recent Check-Outs, Next Arrivals, Special Requests, and the Blocking Chart.