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Web Reservations


We can integrate your website to the GuestCentrixPMS system, enabling your customers to book a room from the internet. Your hotel database is updated with the details of the reservation instantly, and confirmation of the booking is sent by email to both you and your guest.

Because the webpage interacts directly with the GuestCentrixPMS database, the client sees only your currently available rooms and packages. If you change a room rate, the web site displays the correct prices without the need to update it. We can offer the option of secure Credit Card processing, or payment and confirmation by telephone if that is preferable.

The system uses standardised web technologies like XML, SOAP and ASP to deliver a system that is simple to implement, easy to maintain, reliable and easy to use.

For an online demonstration of GuestCentrix Web Reservations, please click on the link below:

GuestCentrix WebRes Demonstration - Hotel Version

GuestCentrix WebRes Demonstration - Hostel Version